Before You Begin

Learning to eat clean means giving up most processed foods. Take your time and eat up or give away all convenience foods including frozen meals, snacks, etc. The problem with convenience foods is the additives that give these foods their “shelf” life. The shelf life is so the seller can process food that lasts much longer than it should. Many of the additives contribute to our poor health. Fresh food is what our bodies need to have a healthy body.

Before you begin Eat Clean in 4 Weeks, integrate these steps into your plan.

  1. You are the best person to create your own weight loss plan.
  2. There are no food restrictions placed on you except for those foods that you know you have trouble controlling the amount that you eat at one setting.
  3. Every day’s menu must include whole grains, milk, meat and beans, vegetables, and fruits as recommended by the United States Department of Agriculture. Your daily food plan will include a reduction in the number of calories you are presently eating.
  4. The only real way to determine how many calories you are using is to have a food journal and faithfully record everything you eat for 5 days.
  5. If you want to weigh less, you will need to consume less. Measuring calories is the most effective way to lose weight.
  6. Before you begin, clean out all foods that will tempt you. After the basic four-week plan, you may begin reintroducing foods that the rest of your family can enjoy. Do this only with one food product at a time. Ask your family to be part of your support system for this first month.
  7. You may use the calories needed chart to evaluate the calories you need to eliminate daily. Adjust your calories needed as you lose weight as your needs will change as you lose weight. Use the calorie calculator to see how many calories you need for the weight loss.
  8.  This website has links for several diets. This site is not a diet but can be used as an aid to weight loss as well as learning to eat clean.