Follow These Steps

1. Processed Foods–To get to eating clean, you must remove most processed foods (snacks, chips, frozen dinners, salad dressings, etc.) if you are the family cook, tell your family you will be eating differently than they are for a month. Processed foods are enemy #1 because they have additives to hook you into eating more.       What is Processed Food?

From Healthy Eating Guidelines:

Food bought fresh (or sometimes “minimally processed”), then cleaned or cooked at home. Examples: apples, carrots, t-bone steak, brown rice. Read more.

Manufactured, packaged food. Examples: white flour, canned soup, Wonder Bread, Hot Pockets. Read more.

Practically everything in the supermarket that’s in a box, bag, jar, or can. See the list.

Food additives make manufactured food possible. Processed foods have food additives; whole foods don’t. Read more.

2. Calories–Keep a journal or a clipboard or notepad to keep track of your daily calories. Look up most foods on The Calorie Counter. The main way to get control of your food is to measure it. Eating less than you use is the only way to lose weight. Weight loss is 90% food and 10% exercise. So you have to know how many calories you are eating in order to eat less.

3. Your Food List–Make a list of all your favorite foods. Then break them down into portion size with calorie count. (See Your Food Plan)

4. A Food Journal–In the beginning, if you write down all you eat it will begin to teach to eat mindfully. Avoid eating anything in a daze. Pay attetion to yur eating and be aware of what yu are consumig. I don’t use a journal. Instead, I use 5 different clipboards to arrange my life. I am using 2 of them for food now–what I am eating and recipes I love. I print theseout on cardstock and oput them on my refrigerator.

5. Emotional eating— Learn what to look for when you are emotionally eating. Weight loss: Gain control of emotional eating